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Using iCloud to sync with Windows

iCloud for windows

Using iCloud to sync with Windows. 0

For a while now Mac users have had the luxury of having sync capabilities of their contacts, photos and iPhone backups. But wait no longer windows is now equipped with those same features and it can and will be done via Apple’s iCloud Control Panel for Windows (Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 or later required). If you don’t already have iTunes installed on your computer I would recommend that be done -as it will also install the control panel.

Once installed, You’ll see options to sync mail, contacts, calendars and tasks, bookmarks, and Photo Stream. Mail, contacts, calendars, and tasks are synced with Outlook (Outlook 2007 or later required). Bookmarks can be synced with Safari (5.1.1 or later) or Internet Explorer (IE 8 or later) and with Firefox using a separate plugin.

Features of the iCloud Control Panel

Launch the control panel and enter your Apple ID and password and click Sign In. Select the items you want to sync with iCloud and then choose whether to sync all items of a particular type (all events and contacts, for example) or just a selection of these items. The data will then be synced with iCloud. Any content synced currently with iCloud will be added to Outlook. And existing Outlook data will be added to iCloud.

The final verdict

Look under the My Calendars heading and you’ll see entries for all of your iCloud calendars. Near the top of the Outlook window is a new Refresh iCloud button, which does exactly that when you click on it.