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Managed/Private Cloud

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RightPath's Private Cloud Computing Service is the alternative solution to reoccurring capital expenditures of hardware, software, and consulting services. RightPath lets you leverage the latest technology without the typical up‑front costs. As your technology partner, RightPath provides the hardware, software and consulting services through a flat monthly fee. As your needs change we simply turn the new feature or capability on and add it to your monthly bill. Regular system augmentation and fast activation of anti‑virus protection, back‑up services and data expansion is now at your fingertips for a low monthly rate.

Managed Cloud Computing Benefits

  • No ongoing expensive technology upgrades Adding a service is just a phone call away, with no up‑front and unexpected costs
  • No more manufacturer warranty renewals Get additional server hardware capabilities, when you need them
  • Stay current on the latest Microsoft software New applications are available on demand Fewer staff means lower costs Consolidated billing for IT hardware, software, services and upgrades
  • Utility based monthly pricing is the reliable alternative to unexpected capital costs
  • Replacing or adding capabilities to your IT infrastructure leads to reoccurring capital expenditures for the hardware, software, and consulting services, which typically last only 3 to 4 years.
  • In addition to large initial upfront costs, most organizations need to augment their systems regularly, to keep up with the increasing demands and changing requirements.

RightPath's Private Cloud Computing service provides the flexibility to add more performance and features without the typical upfront costs. We provide the services that meet your current needs, and can be easily expanded for your future requirements. With our ability to bill your Microsoft software, hardware and services on a monthly basis, our clients can leverage the latest technology with just a phone call. Our clients can add services like remote access, mail services and application servers, as needed for just a few dollars a month.