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The Ex-Employee Menace: 2014 SMB Rogue Access Study is here!

The Ex-Employee Menace: 2014 SMB Rogue Access Study is here!. 0

Let’s take a moment to think about the kind of data and systems your employees can access. Your client data, your sales numbers, your financial records, your strategy documents, your website system, your social reputation, and confidential files of all types.

Now imagine the risk if your ex-employees had access to the exact same systems.
According to a new survey by Osterman Research, an incredible 89% of knowledge workers retained access to Dropbox, Salesforce, email, SharePoint and other sensitive corporate apps from a former employer. Even worse, 45% can access what they consider “confidential” or “highly confidential” data.

This problem of “Rogue Access” creates countless risks for companies: stolen secrets, lost data, compliance failures, data breaches, and out-and-out sabotage—to name a few.

We just published The Ex-Employee Menace: 2014 SMB Rogue Access Study. If your IT access management and employee offboarding policies are anything less than 100% watertight, you need to read it right now.

In addition to outlining the scope of the problem (which is far bigger than any of us imagined), it also provides three very important technical and procedural solutions—including access management best practices and an IT offboarding checklist.
Read the [url=http://www.rightpathnetworks.com/download-whitepaper-rogue-access-checkl... now.