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RightPath Networks

Building Trust Through Technology

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Our Mission

"..Start a business because you found something that you really love doing and have a passion for, do it because you found something unique that you can do better than anyone else and start a business because you really want to make a big contribution to your customers over a long period of time. -Michael Dell, Dell Computer.

We consider those words to be at the core of what we do at RightPath Networks. With each client and relationship, we strive to make a difference each day and with every person. We are tuned into making a contribution in your company that will help you succeed! We contribute that success to three key areas...


  • BEING PEOPLE FOCUSED: It's the driving force behind what we do. We are your expert resource for Managed IT Services, Web Hosting and Design. Our in depth knowledge of Open Source tools and solutions give us the tools to outfit your company with products that will deliver on both cost and increased productivity. Big or small one employee or 30, RightPath can provide you a solid foundation to enable you to proactively reach your business goals!
  • LISTENING: We use our best tools (our ears) to understand your concept or challenge and apply our open-source skills to build you a solution that exceeds both your budget and problem. We don't subscribe to one technology over another and never apply the "one size fits all" rule. We know your IT budget is got to stretch and your return on investment is vital.
  • SERVING THE CUSTOMER - In the fast paced world of Drive thru's and microwave meals, the art of customer service has been pushed aside. At RightPath we want to set that right. We believe that by serving you (the customer) with the attention you deserve, will build a trust that will rival any competitor or solutions we sell!